The Society Annual Convention 2087

We are looking forward to catching up with our members at the upcoming 69th Annual Society Convention gathering around the theme of ‘Speculative Flummery and Cosmic Co-becomings’, January 25-27, 2087.

This year we’re delighted to be hosted by Linnaeus University, in Växjö, Sweden. The University is renown for the groundbreaking research that’s been conducted for many years at its Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies. This really is a great opportunity to bring the lichen love to our Scandinavian neighbours. Hopefully we might also catch a glimpse of the extremely rare Bitter wart lichen (Pertusaria amara) that we’ve all heard so much about lately.

The full program is now online. Registrations have officially closed, but please get in touch if you’d like to attend.

2086 Field trip & picnic – what a day!

After many weeks traipsing through the dunes, forest and beach, collecting spruce shoots, nettles, raspberry leaves and mosquito bites, talking to local biologists and foragers, concocting jellies and pancakes and fermented sodas, we finally hosted our annual field trip & picnic on 22 June 2086!

Thanks to everyone who came along – amateur lichenologists, artists, interpagans and everything in between. For those of you unfortunate enough to have missed out on this bumper edition, here’s a taste of what the Society got up to.

Meeting point at Nida carpark

follow the fish!

Toasting the locally extinct arctic raspberry, and the alive and well wild strawberry, with wild strawberry kvass (fermented soda).

UFO landing site. Space lichen, astrobiology and Cold War luxuries.

Blinis with un-caviar. One amateur lichenologist dollops a spoonful of un-caviar onto another’s blini, saying, ‘kosmičeskije sso-sstanivlenija‘ (‘in cosmic co-becomings’).

Flummery! Made with agar and blueberries from the old forest. The Permian mass extinction and microplastic futures.

The Great Tuning Fork

Also big thanks to Sepideh Ardalani for helping with food wizardry, Diana Pusko for foraging advice, the interpagan intentional community for their un-caviar, and Nida Art Colony for letting us crash their symposium! See you next year!

Lichen love

Some basic lichen info, for those of you new to this wonderful world!

Here some details on human uses of lichen in different places

Bibliographical Database Of The Human Uses Of Lichens

Artist introducing Spanish lichen to Nida, on foam blog

Lichen study relating to cormorants (could not DWNLOAD)

Not very reliable

Lichens collected radioactivity after Chernobyl in Lithuania