Lichen love

Some basic lichen info, for those of you new to this wonderful world!

Here some details on human uses of lichen in different places

Bibliographical Database Of The Human Uses Of Lichens

Artist introducing Spanish lichen to Nida, on foam blog

Lichen study relating to cormorants (could not DWNLOAD)

Not very reliable

Lichens collected radioactivity after Chernobyl in Lithuania


A kind of arrowgrass


Atlantic / Baltic Sturgeon

There’s a ton of information out there about the Baltic Sturgeon, one of the great success stories in this era of the sixth mass extinction event – here are a few historical places to start.

Has some details on first eating of sturgeon/caviar

Article on leaping behaviour

Sturgeon for tomorrow (fishermen + conservationsist)

Wiki in lithuanian

misc Lithuanian threatened species

It isn’t just lichen that is threatened in Lithuania these days. Here are some links to other critters also having a hard time of it..

Alien Species on Lithuanian Fund for Nature

The Noble Beasts of Lithuania

Cute european mink now extinct in Lithuania

European eel

Bats which have some situation in lihtuania (according to red list wiki entry)

IUCN Red List (but difficult to use)

List of mammals in Lithuania (including extinct and endangered ones, ie. certain whales, porpoise etc.)

Sea holly, a spiky dune plant, aphrodisiac (in UK), supposedly on the Red List here, Eryngium maritimum

Let the sky rain potatoes;
let it thunder to the tune of Green-sleeves,
hail kissing-comfits and snow eringoes [sea-holly],
let there come a tempest of provocation…” (from a Shakespeare play, can’t remember which)

Very detailed study, well nomination for UNESCO list, including some discussion of rare species (fish, mammals, plants, and birds) here (1999 – super out-of-date. Eg. they refer to something as rare but on IUCN its status is a-ok)