There is a thing here about sundials. (Again see folder in Keybase Bibliothek)

There is an artist here setting one up at Nida.

One of the things we discussed at Massia was running a workshop that aligned with plant time, rather than the Gregorian calendar. (Also something that came up as I complete my ‘review’ of Trade Markings…almost there).

In terms of staging I remember being told about one of Zoe Scoglio’s pieces which took place in a rarely used car-racing course on the edge of Melbourne city, which she had choreographed and timed to coincide with a full moon rising. I thought this was an aspect we could work with if we continue to work with the idea of the ‘landscape as a score.’

Also, to more generally emphasising the liberating aspects of removing oneself from Apple-Atomic clock time and being more attentive to circadian rhythms / seasons.

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