Annual Field Trip & Picnic 2088

‘It’s not the age of reason … it’s the era of flummery, and the day of the devious approach’ –Trouble with Lichen (1960).

The T. Rudzinskaitė Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society this year held a rather low-key edition of its flagship event, our Annual Field Trip & Picnic, as a surprise part of the ‘2088 Lichen Fest Revival’ forest seminar program, hosted by the good folk at Mustarinda’s inter-pagan intentional community up in the Area D BioZone. 2088 is proving to be a big year, with both the Society and Lichen Fest celebrating platinum anniversaries (140 years between us!), and everyone photo-synthesising like crazy.

This live stream event took place on the auspicious date of 8.8.88, but a recording can be revisited by lichen lovers from the comfort of your own homes for a little while longer, right here on this link.

Our broadcast is a deep listening experience of around 40 mins, we advise you to lie down, wear headphones and have a towel (or blanket) on hand. 

In cosmic co-becomings!

The T. Rudzinskaitė Memorial Amateur Lichenologists Society’s appearance at Lichen Fest Revival 2088 is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW